Example Prices

  • Minimum Works Order Value (Per Job)£60.00

    The minimum works order value we would charge per job including any SOR's or General Labour and Materials up to this value.

  • Roofing: Repoint Ridges (Linear Metre)£64.65

    RIDGE:RAKE OUT AND REPOINT TILES Ridge:Rake out and repoint ridge, hip or valley tiles with coloured mortar (1:3).

  • Roofing: Replace Tiles (Square Metre)£183.53

    ROOF TILE:RENEW PLAIN CONCRETE OR CLAY OVER 10 NO Roof Tile:Renew any plain concrete or clay roof tiles (in groups over 10 No.) and remove waste and debris..

  • Roofing: Refix Tiles (Square Metre)£101.57

    ROOF TILE:REMOVE AND REFIX PLAIN OVER 10 NO Roof Tile:Remove and refix loose plain concrete or clay roof tiles (in groups over 10 No.).

  • Guttering: Clear Gutters (Metres)£31.11

    GUTTER:CLEAN AND FLUSH OUT PER ELEVATION Gutter:Clean out debris from gutters to any type of property including flush out and test, rod downpipe including clean out gulley and remove debris from site on completion.

  • Downpipe: Clear Downpipe (Metres)£15.20

    DOWNPIPE:CLEAR BLOCKAGE NE 2 STOREY Downpipe:Clear blockage from downpipe ne 2 storey including gain access, rod, flush out and test including clean out gulley and remove debris from site on completion.

  • Install 8.5KW Electric Shower£432.81

    SHOWER:INSTALL NEW NE 8.5KW UNIT Shower:Supply and install new ne 8.5KW shower unit including plugging walls as necessary, connect to water and electrical supplies including provision of shower circuit including mini-trunking or rigid PVC conduit chased in wall etc, incorporating RCD protection, MCB 45amp, DP switch and all adjustments to pipework and electrical supply as necessary, fill, test and undertake tests, provide certificate, make good to all finishes, and remove waste and debris.

  • Install Close Coupled Toilet£304.66

    WC SUITE:RENEW CLOSE COUPLED WC Suite:Renew vitreous china close coupled wc suite with pan fixed with brass or non-ferrous screws to floor, including any necessary plugging, 6 litre vitreous china cistern plugged to wall with overflow, syphon, silencer pipe, float, handle and ball valve, reconnect to existing supply and overflow pipework, and provide new service valve if not already installed, make soil pipe joint with and including 'Easy-Fit' connector and test all joints, fix new plastic seat and lid to pan, and remove waste and debris.

What should you pay?

Our Prices are Honest!

Here at Cornel Building Services we promise not to charge extortionate hourly rates, burden you with any hidden fees or mess you about after payment. 

Instead we believe in charging a fair price that is an honest representation of the works carried out.

To do this we base all of our standard prices off the NatFed SOR's where possible or a basic hourly rate.

When used we will provide a breakdown of the SORs for your job, these include all materials and labour required.

We will only carry out works up to the minimum works order value or your agreed limit on our first visit and any further works are quoted for with a breakdown of SOR's.

Below you'll find a list of example prices based off our SOR pricing model and labour costs.

Other items may need to be included for access such as scaffolding/CCTV surveys or adjusted by a percentage for out-of-area travel, this will be explained if required.

There are also some instances where we cannot use SOR's and will charge on a Labour and Materials basis, again we will explain this clearly beforehand.